12-NF202 Trapping-1971
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2017 Pensacola Reunion

2017 Reunion, Pensacola (video here)

Front row (L-R): Bill Walker-71, Jerry Hodge, Jay Beltz, Bob Dublin-71
Second row: Tommy Foster, Denny Zenger, Dave Nichols, Ray Wegrzyn, Jerry Hart-71
Third row: Troy Nicks, Tom Hilt, Kim Long, Fred Philipsen, Ben Thompson,         Dave Everett
Back row: Bill Ribble, Tiff Nelson-73, Bill Butterworth, Ted Triebel,                 Don Symington, John Helm

In life's journey, with its twists and turns, we have the satisfaction of knowing that we did what few have done or could have done ... and we did those things in the best of company.

10-F4s at Sunset

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